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Lucy Paige

I arrived in Key West on a sailboat some thirty-something years ago. My 'artist life' developed ten years ago as I began taking classes with local artists, Jim Salem & Roberta Marks. I also studied additional classes & attended workshops from visiting teachers. Much of my work went from a loose realist style to decidedly more abstract in the last few years. I enjoy working in a combination of acrylic paint, oil stick, pen and paper for collage.



Artist Statement

Mixing  paint colors and utilizing all manner of brushes, palette knives, oil sticks and pens takes me to full engagement in abstract art making. My works tend to vary; colorful and playful, energetic, bold and direct or softer and sensitive, tending toward the intuitive. I am inspired by the variance of hue and color creating varying forms on the canvas; dark and light, harsh and soft, the mixing of bits of color and meandering line to bring life to the canvas. Abstract expressionism, for me, is a process of releasing the subconscious. I am intrigued by the small glimpses, connections and larger emotional arisings that chance to work together and become the work.

My process in developing a painting carries with it some uncertainty as well as inevitable change. There is a push and pull, a striving to create a balance in line and form, then a release to allow space and breath in the work. Working a canvas over time allows each and all of the painting experiences to merge into new ones - each experience and each brush mark informs the other. New marks and lines are made in answer to an existing mark and line and there engages a dialogue between each and all as they develop into a final resolved story. Painting is a spontaneous process and each line, mark and gesture is an expression and response to what we see around us. 



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I love to see what comes forth from the paint colors and the brush. It has given me a window into what is possible in all realms of my life.