We all share memories of time spent at the seashore; meeting up with friends and family, catching some rays and people watching, swimming, skimming and snorkeling in the blue near-shore waters. 

'Beach Day' depicts sunbathers in all shapes and sizes clad in bright swimsuits, t-shirts and sun hats. Add in the beach-going bits and pieces - bright beach umbrellas, chairs, chaises, patterned beach towels and colorful tote bags. Don’t forget the coolers and all the play toys - inflatable floats, boards and inner tubes, frisbees and beach balls.  

'As an abstract painter these images playfully take a typical day at the beach and portray it in varying forms...
blocks and snippets of color, patterns and textures, patches of light and meandering lines.
To create this loose abstract style, I paint with acrylic and oil stick, adding patterned paper for collage, and black pen for sketch marks.'




Thoughts of a beach day call to mind a quiet peaceful time... 
sitting in solitude or walking along the beach with the waves washing over your feet. It can be a place for solace and quiet, the simple natural seaside setting and sand patterns, the varying shades of the blue-green colors of the water and the movement of the ocean are all we need to calm and clear our minds. 

'Beach Day' relates to sand, sea and sky with the intention to reflect 'a sense of place.' This place is one that easily evokes a setting for carefree feelings and good times as well as the place that invites quiet reflection and meditation.